A Sure Find. Openbravo User Guide.

25 04 2012

Openbravo User Guide is in place and is now “working hand by hand with us” getting thanks from the people.

At the same time documentation content is getting high appraisals when someone points to it, saying “read it here”. But would it be much more valuable tool if people around can find materials they want themselves!? Answering this better documentation search is one of the top requirements that appear in the documentation survey results.

So this time together with content polishing we were working on improving documentation outreach and I would like to share several tips with you on how to find your path through Openbravo User Guide.  Read the rest of this entry »


Openbravo documentation. Status update. Part II.

6 02 2012

Dear All,

As a follow up to the initial blog post from Ismael we would like to announce that Documentation project is moving forward and I would like to let you know that 4 other Openbravo Application areas are now available:
General Setup – Owner: Patricia.
Production Management – Owner: Renate.