Openbravo 3.0 RC2. One month – the flight is normal.

18 10 2010

Short flight conditions:

  • Altitude – 2 973 downloads (Already more then twice higher then for the 2 months of RC1 – 1 248).
  • Temperature overboard – +10 C. Autumn also happens in Spain :-).

From the crew radio exchange:

  • Friday, September 17, 2010
[11:03:58 AM] Asier Zabaleta: just wanted to say a few things about APRM module
[11:04:05 AM] Asier Zabaleta: that I have been training this week in Madrid
[11:58:08 AM] Dmitry Mezentsev: Hello Asier, Once you are available it would be great to hear your feedback.
[1:37:09 PM] Asier Zabaleta: on monday
[1:37:24 PM] Asier Zabaleta: just in advance, it has been a kick ass success
[1:37:38 PM] Asier Zabaleta: very easy to teach
[1:37:44 PM] Asier Zabaleta: and every user need is covered

[04:29:00 PM] pjuvara: Georgi, I’m happy to see people playing with 3.0. 🙂
[09:52:00 PM] Georgi: I love the product 🙂

Want to join the crew? Press this button !!!




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